How iFoster Helps Youth

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                             How iFoster Can Help


iFoster supports youth in their transition from foster care and probation to independence.
From 16 to 26, we are there to help youth smoothly transition to self-sufficiency with
resources, employment, supportive services and peer navigators to guide the way.

   Intern with iFoster

TAY Ambassadors (CA, KY, OH, NV, NYC, WA)

iFoster’s award-winning TAY AmeriCorps Peer Navigators help current and former foster and probation youth achieve self-sufficiency and their education, employment and well-being goals. Each year, iFoster hires, trains and deploys over 200 current/former foster and probation youth to serve 10 month paid internships embedded in local colleges, child welfare agencies and TAY-serving nonprofits to help their peers succeed. If you are passionate about helping your foster brothers and sisters AND want to serve in CA, KY, OH, NV, NYC, or WA, then apply today.

Community Health Ambassadors
(LA County only)

Calling all LA County foster youth who want a career in healthcare! Now is your chance to get paid, hands-on experience with a path to permanent jobs in local clinics and hospitals. iFoster’s second TAY AmeriCorps program (PHA TAY AmeriCorps) hires, trains, and deploys Community Health Ambassadors to Eisner Health clinics across LA County. This paid internship focuses on developing healthcare-specific professional skills with opportunities to interview for permanent jobs in clinics and hospitals upon successful completion.


                             In Their Own Words


"It is important to serve because foster youth need people who will support them, and who better to support and understand them than their own peers with lived experience. iFoster makes sure that youth are heard, and they work to express the concerns and needs of foster youth to social workers, caregivers, and other organizations with the goal of helping current and former foster youth towards a successful independent living by providing them with the resources they need."

Shellsea Reynoso: iFoster – Digital Engagement Lead

"iFoster empowered me to learn from Coursera, so I have real-world certificates and skills I can carry into future careers. This experience has inspired me to find and create resources for my peers who are still in foster care and those transitioning out of the system. I worked hard as an AmeriCorps member because I saw that thousands of other foster youth shared similar experiences. And this emboldened me to help my peers help themselves to self-sufficiency."

Trinity Utnage: AmeriCorps Service Member


                             iFoster AmeriCorps Members in Action

TAY AmeriCorp 2023


                             Share Your Voice


Every year iFoster surveys thousands of youth with lived experience to get their input on the problems with the child welfare system and how to fix them. Share your voice by taking this year’s survey and read what your peers have to say in the Lived Experience Guide to Fixing Foster Care and Voice of the Community reports.

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